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Book: Unfolding webs

Auteur: Ploeg, J.D. van der
Ondertitel: the dynamics of regional rural development
Taal: Nederlands
ISBN-10: 9023244842
ISBN-13: 9789023244844
Uitgever: Gorcum b.v., Koninklijke Van
Aantal pagina's: 272
Genre: Landbouw en natuurlijke omgeving

Rural development stems from combining a wide range of different and often refigured rural resources in new ways. As a result these resources flow into new activities, interactions,transactions and networks. The effects of this become particularly significant when activities and relationships start to mutuallyreinforce each other. This is when synergy is created; especially when new town-countryside relations emerge that support the newly emerging activities and networks.
The contributions in this volume help expand our understanding of the creative patterns which shape resources, activities, transactions and networks and which build new relationships between them.
The contributions to this book have been developed in the context of the ETUDE programme that is conducted (in the period 2007-2009) within the 6th Framework of the European Union.

European Perspectives on Rural Development is a series, which offers new and fresh insights into European rural development. At the same time, it emphasises the specific and heterogeneous nature of the European countryside, its regions andagricultural systems.

The series is published under the auspices of the Circle of European Studies (CERES) and Wageningen University.

Unfolding webs

Preface: Exploring the rural web
Terry Marsden and Jan Douwe van der Ploeg

Towards a framework for understanding regional rural development
Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Rudolf van Broekhuizen, Gianluca Brunori Roberta Sonnino, Karlheins Knickel, Talis Tisenkops and Henk Oostindie

Sustainability and rural development
Roberta Sonnino, Yoko Kanemasu and Terry Marsden

The endogeneity of rural economics
Henk Oostinide, Rudolf van Broekhuizen, Gianluca Brunori and Jan Douwe van der Ploeg

The dynamics of novelty production
Henk Oostinide and Rudolf van Broekhuizen

Social capital
Talis Tisenkopfs, Ilze Lace and Inta Mierina

New institutional arrangements in rural development
Karlheinza Knickel, Simone Schiller, Hilkka Vihinen and Anja Weber

The governance of markets
Hilkka Vihinen and Laura Kröger

The rural web: A synthesis
Flaminia Ventura, Gianluca Brunori, Pierluigi Milone and Giaime Berti

Testing the web: A comparative analysis
Yoko Kanemasu, Roberta Sonnino,Terry Marsden and Sergio Schneider

Annex 1 List of Case Studies

The impact of policy arrangements
Yoko Kanemasu

Some final reflections
Terry Marsden and Jan Douwe van der Ploeg


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